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DART DSP is a Berlin based creative powerhouse for dance development that is leading the way in

dance training and creation with many guest teachers and choreographers. This space is home to

DART DSP, covering an extensive range of classes, workshops and participatory opportunities for

young dancers, and professional development programs for artists. DART DSP is our world-class

student program, offering vocational training to the highest technical and artistic standards.

DART DSP Professional Dance Program operated by DART Dance Company is found in one of

Europe’s most exciting, innovative dance spaces, where artists from all over the world come to push

creative boundaries, to experiment with new works, inspired by the DART Dance Company to

reach beyond what is possible and to aim for the impossible. The DSP method believes that by

working through movement, breath, music, and dynamics, you have the opportunity to explore,

define your figure and your own creative states.

The focus of this dance training lies in professional and performative experiences: You will learn

through working with our company members, and our world-renowned guest teachers and

choreographers which will foster a vibrant and creative environment.

In addition to the training, all of our dancers will receive performance experience, a professional

photo shoot, performance videos, and have the opportunity to create and choreograph a

performance which can be performed in a theatre. In addition, DART will organize several

possibilities for internships and even paid positions with prestigious companies and will provide the

possibility for a select few to perform with the DART Dance Company in its own live

performances. At the end of each year, we will also offer one of the DSP members an

Apprenticeship with DART Dance Company.


The schedule of the programme:

Ballet - 90 minutes

Contemporary - 90 minutes

Repertoire/Creative work/Improvisation - 60 minutes


Season 22/23: 

- Anton Lachky

- Antonin Rioche

- Dor Mamalia and Dariusz Seweryn Nowak

Season 21/22:

- Fabio Liberti

- Alessandra Scalambrino

- Gentian Doda

Season 20/21:

- Saeed Hani

- Maddie Hanson


Season 19/20 :

- Flavien Esmieu

- Marcell Hován

- Thomas Kiss

Feedback from our students (2020/2021 SEASON)

Camilla Neri:

Dart dsp programme is a concrete dance opportunity to take a challenge and explore new borders, due to you have the chance to work every day harder, to change dance styles quite often and first of all work with different international and well-known teachers or choreographers. Here I found a comfortable and nice environment that allowed me to work easily and with the smile every day, which is not easy at all into dance world. So if you want to improve your dance skills, even if you already had professional experience, darts dsp is the right place where you can become more aware of your body but also of yourself like dancer and artist.

Anna Clemente:

Dart DSP it's a beautiful program for young dancers that wanna find new professional ways for express themselves. I think it give you the possibility to improve as dancer technically and artistically and it help to push yourself over your own limits. I'm glade to take part to this program because with different and inspiring teachers and choreographers, they give me the opportunity to learn a lot e grow up as artist. 

Saya Harada:

Throughout this program, I could learn so many things. Especially every time I take workshops, I can find new things such as how to connect each choreographers and how to move. Also working “UKIYO” was a great experience for me. We practiced and helped each others as a team. I’m so glad to work with everyone and have this opportunity.

Feedback from our students (2019/2020 SEASON)

Kemelo Sehlapelo: 


"When I first entered the studio in the beginning of the season, I was nervous. Nervous, excited and full of anticipation for all the things I was to learn. I was afraid, because I didn’t know anyone in the programme personally, and I am the only student from Africa (which I am very proud of!). Yes, the classes were and continue to challenge me mentally and physically, but the support and love that surrounded me really helped me have the strength to push myself. I feel that I have grown so much, not only as a dancer but as a person. I am really excited for the rest of the year and our upcoming performances, and I am excited for what the future holds for me."

Emilia Pascal:

"Dart DSP is a precious program in my opinion. It balances so well the superficial work need by a dancer as the mental health which is essential as a person."

Valentina Foschi:

"From my experience the DSP is not just a dance program but a path that leads you into the professional world. It helped me to understand my limits and push them even further. Moreover, having the opportunity to train with the Company gave me the chance to be inspired by amazing dancers and cleared my mind on how the professional dance world works. This aspect added to the opportunity of working with renewed choreographers and teachers really made my dance formation complete and rich. 

I would recommend this program to whoever desires to have a platform that gives you the tools to express yourself. This year I truly found an inspirational group of people with whom I was able to share the joy of dance and performing."

Eve Missio:

"DART DSP is a really good environment to push yourself against the limits. You work hard in a really professional way, with performances, the company, the shooting and the different choreographers and guest teachers. Each dancer is considered and we speak a lot to solve the different problems or express ourselves. I feel stronger and ready for having a contract in a company now."