2022/2023 SEASON


Choreographer: Anton Lachky (SK)

Performer: DART DSP



Choreographer: Antonin Rioche (FR)

Performer: DART DSP


2021/2022 SEASON

Choreographic Laboratory
Choreographer: Gentian Doda (AL)
Performer: DART DSP


The dream of life
Choreographer: Alessandra Scalambrino (IT)
Performer: DART DSP


Solo for real 

Choreographer: Fabio Liberti (IT)

Performer: DART DSP


2020/2021 SEASON

Head in the clouds

Choreographer: Maddie Hanson (CA)

Performer: DART DSP

My proposed piece is a 35-minute work entitled “Head In The Clouds,” and potentially incorporating text from ‘The Cloud Corporation’ by Timothy Donelly, which will map the movement of the mind through thought. The work will explore the internal imaginations of a seemingly ordinary person, within the reality of a corporate setting. The piece will be a progression of tearing apart a dream-like imagination space, and re-constructing reality on the stage; the stripping of set pieces, into something much starker and darker. I would like to use movement as a vehicle to explore awareness of thought, expectation, introspection, how the mind

makes sense of the world, and the idea of someone living in imagination (bringing them back down to earth). The narrative will centre around an individual, but the dancers will act as figments of his imagination, dressed in cloud-patterned costumes, acting out these ideas and interacting with him within his own mind and internal experience.

I envision the piece being movement-driven, featuring physical phrase work, motif-based partnering and structured via group, duet and solo moments so as to showcase each dancer as a vital piece within the choreographic structure.


Choreographer: Saeed Hani (SY)

Performer: DART DSP

What is home? We know that this is not a question to answer and just go on. Homeland is a complex and sentimental thing that tends to emotions rather than rationality and of course, it is difficult to define feelings. Mostly what we have for our homelands is a feeling of love, belonging, and pride which is often reflected in glorified poems or songs that express loyalty. But these are all general concepts about homeland. In Syria, we study and learn about home and how to love home through all our years of education. I have never liked it. I did not want to learn how to love my country - I just wanted to love it. Home is not the place where we were born because it is never our choice. Home is the place we choose. Home is in our bodies. We travel, love, dance, and fight all the battles of life in these homes. In this project, we would like to share on stage the impact of emotions and feelings towards the idea of home and belonging in our own bodies – also by using visual art to express these emotions as images on stage. We want to explore through movements this complex and permanent search of our identity and to whom, where, and when we belong.

2019/2020 SEASON


Choreographer: Thomas Kiss

Performer: DART DSP

DART DSP Contemporary Dance Ensemble's latest performance introduces young dancers at the beginning of their career. The young, vigorous team, share their most hidden desires and mystical memories of their secret adventures through the language of movement.

In Revolution, you can find everyday moments, serious questions about life and the emotional roller coaster that everyone experiences on a day to day basis.


Choreographer: Marcell Hovan

Performer: DART DSP

Is it possible to dance the melting of ice? Is it possible to show the boiling of water by movements? Is there any way to draw the waves of water by human bodies? Let's see the water, steam and ice from a different view! Take the aggregates of water into the space and combine them as it would be impossible in the nature!
Water is in our everyday life. But sometimes we forget how beautiful treasure we have, also we forget the sad fact that not everybody is lucky enough to be able to access water by one movement!
Appreciate this wonder!

Hold one's breath 

Choreographer: Flavien Esmieu

Performer: DART DSP

A group of human being holding each other. Facing the reality of what they do, breathing. Breathing each movement, breathing the essence of their moves, breathing the space. All of this becomes a playground. They discover everybody in the room. They get a sense of who they are and what they do. There is something they link them all together, breathing. They hold into each other like the oxygen from the air. They need each other. They hold one’s breath. What happens to them?