Revolution (choreographer: Thomas Kiss)

DART DSP Contemporary Dance Ensemble's latest performance introduces young dancers at the beginning of their career. The young, vigorous team, share their most hidden desires and mystical memories of their secret adventures through the language of movement.

In Revolution, you can find everyday moments, serious questions about life and the emotional roller coaster that everyone experiences on a day to day basis.

Agua (choreographer: Marcell Hovan)

Is it possible to dance the melting of ice? Is it possible to show the boiling of water by movements? Is there any way to draw the waves of water by human bodies? Let's see the water, steam and ice from a different view! Take the aggregates of water into the space and combine them as it would be impossible in the nature!
Water is in our everyday life. But sometimes we forget how beautiful treasure we have, also we forget the sad fact that not everybody is lucky enough to be able to access water by one movement!
Appreciate this wonder!

Hold one's breath (choreographer: Flavien Esmieu)

A group of human being holding each other. Facing the reality of what they do, breathing. Breathing each movement, breathing the essence of their moves, breathing the space. All of this becomes a playground. They discover everybody in the room. They get a sense of who they are and what they do. There is something they link them all together, breathing. They hold into each other like the oxygen from the air. They need each other. They hold one’s breath. What happens to them?

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