It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce, but we were informed that due to the Coronavirus situation, we need to POSTPONE our workshop. 
We will announce the exact date of the workshop later on, but we know the workshop will be in BUDAPEST in the middle of July. We would like to give you all more time to see if it is possible to travel, or if any drastic changes might happen; of course we are uncertain at the moment. 
What we can say now, is that the company workshop will take place 2 days before the audition, as planned before, and all payments already made are of course valid for this workshop too.
WHEN: Middle of July. It will be on any of the dates between the 13th and 26th of July, depending on the situation.


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REGISTRATION: You need to send the registration with your CV to 

Teachers: Martin Buczkó, Thomas Kiss, Hannah Eden


DART ballet class – Martin Buczkó / 120 mins /


The class is a non-conventional, moving ballet class which highlights articulation, flow, breath, musicality and spatial awareness. The training will help you connect with your personal artistic strength and self confidence in moving.


DART contemporary class / creative work – Thomas Kiss / 120 mins /


The class includes a very high level of fluid movements and physical coordination that integrates the floor as an important component in her class. Her teaching focuses on the clarity of movement, stemming from variations of ballet, release technique, gymnastics and acrobatic physicality.


DART repertoire class - Hannah Eden / 120 mins /

14:20 - 16:20

You are going to be a part of a special repertoire training, where you can get a glimpse of our creative processes while trying on the varied movement repertiore of DART. If you’d like to work, to sweat, to learn new things, laugh with us and to broaden your perspectives, then we’re waiting for you!



€ 100


VENUE: 1215, Budapest Duna street 10.

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