5th and 6th February 2021

Movement without boundaries and body power-intensive workshop with DART Dance Company - An experimental workshop where creativity, improvisation, personality, technique, DART repertoire, new ways of moving, and having fun are the keys to finding yourself as a dancer.

You will be guided through a workshop, which emphasizes the detailed and complex structure of your moving body and the feelings and emotions connected to it. This workshop will be a journey into discovering different ways of taking control of your own physical instrument and continuing to grow creatively, technically, and emotionally.



About DART Dance Company:

Dart Dance Company is a contemporary dance company based in Berlin. DART is quickly growing and affirming itself in the Berlin performing art scene and to this day has already performed in 12 countries around the globe such as Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom, and so on. The company is eager to collaborate with ambitious, upcoming and enthusiastic artists, the movement language is mixing ballet lines, contemporary and acrobatics.


WORKSHOP REGISTRATION: Registration for the workshop is compulsory. To register for the workshop, please send your CV to



Kinga Vargova - DART Artistic Director

Thomas Kiss - DART Company Rehearsal Director

Hannah Eden - DART Company member
Elvis Val - DART Guest Teacher



DART Ballet Class – Elvis Val / 1hr 50 mins /

This class is a welcoming place to experience the beauty, grace and discipline of classical dance. It focuses on classical and neoclassical movement. The training will help you connect with your personal artistic strength and self-confidence in moving.


DART Contemporary Class / Creative work – Kinga Vargova / 2 hrs /

The class includes a very high level of fluid movements and physical coordination that integrates the floor as a key component in the class. The class focuses on the clarity of movement, stemming from variations of ballet, release technique, gymnastics, and acrobatic physicality.


DART Repertoire Class - Hannah Eden, Thomas Kiss / 1hr 50mins /

You will be a part of a special repertoire training, where you can get a glimpse of our creative processes while trying out the varied movement repertoire of DART. If you like to work, to sweat, to learn new things, laugh with us and broaden your perspectives, then we’re waiting for you!





Friday 5th February: 15:00 - 21:00


DART Ballet Class – Elvis Val


DART Contemporary Class / Creative work – Kinga Vargova


DART Repertoire Class - Hannah Eden, Thomas Kiss

19:10 - 21:00



Saturday 6th February: 10:00 - 16:00


DART Ballet Class – Elvis Val

10:00 - 11:50

DART Contemporary Class / Creative work – Kinga Vargova

12:00 - 14:00

DART Repertoire Class - Hannah Eden, Thomas Kiss

14:10 - 16:00



TOTAL WORKSHOP COST FOR PARTICIPANTS: €135 (€120 for students and holders of the Berlin card).



VENUE: Tanzhalle Berlin, Eichborndamm 167, Building 39, 13403 Berlin

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